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Our Dream


The Vision for Light My Way Ministries began with the picture of my son, Cameron when he was 2 years old. Cameron was holding a candle. My neighbor, Tina Burnette (a great photographer) captured his sweet face looking intently holding the candle. I kept the picture with me. It was so dear and really brought me great joy. The other picture equally as inspirational was my husband Myles and my son, Ryan, 9 years old. Myles was giving Ryan a word of encouragement. This picture also spoke volumes.
National Day of Prayer, we gathered a group of our neighbors and friends and had a candle light service on our driveway for prayer. I found these pictures recently and God began to birth a dream for a ministry in my heart.
The Bible says, Habakkuk 2:2 "Write the Vision Down", so I put a plan together.
God uses people to accomplish his purposes. I believe one touch of God’s favor can open doors no man can shut!!!

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